Costs and Coverage


Patient Fee Schedule

Initial in-office Consultation $180
Initial Tele-Consultation $180

Pediatric in-office Initial $90
Pediatric Tele-consultation $90

Return in-office Consultation $90
Return Tele-consultation $90

Extended Return in-office visit $180- $230

*Please note that we do not offer Direct Billing 


Naturopathic Medicine is covered by most Extended Health Care Plans

A large percentage of the population has extended health care coverage through their employer. Often times people are covered by extended health care plans without even knowing it! These plans usually renew on a yearly basis each January, meaning that most people have a certain dollar amount per year that they can use towards Naturopathic medicine.

We encourage people to do  a little research before coming in to find out the kind of extended health care coverage that they may have. We also encourage people to use their coverage before it expires on December 31st of each year!
Here are some key questions to ask of your provider:

  1. What is the maximum amount, per year that I can get covered for myself and my family?
  2. Is there a limit to an initial visit consultation?
  3. Is there a limit to follow up visit consultations?
  4. Do you cover any naturopathic lab services?

Note: BC MEDICAL SERVICES will reimburse a portion of the visit fee for patients on Premium Assistance. Please advise the receptionist if you qualify.