Naturopathic Consultations
An initial naturopathic consultation is the starting place for all patients new to Apple Naturopathic.  At your initial visit, Dr. Kneeland will seek to identify the underlying causes of your health concerns and develop an individualized treatment plan as unique as you are.  As naturopathic medicine treats individuals and not symptoms, there is no standard treatment protocol.  Treatment plans evolve from this initial visit, as Dr. Kneeland gets to know you and your health concerns.

Clinical Nutrition
This is a core part of training for Naturopathic doctors.  Dr. Kneeland believes in providing as much education at every visit about nutrition, rather than prescribing one particular diet for all or endorsing restrictive diets.

Western Botanical Medicine
When Dr. Kneeland feels a patient may benefit from a particular herb or combination of herbs, she may recommend Botanical Medicine.  This may be in the form of a tea, a supplement capsule, powder or liquid, or as a whole food.  Naturopathic doctors receive training in the efficacy of Botanical Medicines and the interactions that exist between herbs and pharmaceuticals.

IV Therapies
Dr. Kneeland has undergone training in a wide variety of IV therapies, including Myers IV vitamin and mineral drips, chelation therapy for the removal of toxic metals, glutathione IVs, NAD+ IVs, and high dose IV vitamin C.  All IV therapies require an initial consultation prior and are individually compounded based on the patient’s unique treatment plan and underlying health concerns.  Blood work or urine testing is often required prior to IV therapy.